UK Surprise


I tuned into BBC at 5PM EST to see the Exit Poll.

I was stunned.

I watched for the next two hours, waiting for some actual results.

As I type this, it’s the 4AM EST hour and all of the votes aren’t yet in. St. Ives has yet to report. But the Conservatives have 364 seats. Labour 203.

I thought it would reflect more polarization. It was an absolute rout of Labour.

The immediate spin was that this was “The Brexit Vote.” Which shows just how delusional Labour is. They seem to think once Brexit is done, they can get back to a “sensible” government, led by Labour.

Not happening.

It clearly wasn’t just Brexit driving this. The spin on Brexit was that it reflected a racist, xenophobic, and easily-manipulated ignorant, closed-minded minority of voters.

That has been shown to be the bullshit it has always been.

This was not a single-issue election. The losers are now going to have to deal with that fact. They’re not in step with the majority of their own nation. Labour leaders are calling for “a period of reflection.” I don’t think that’s going to happen. The hard-Left aren’t just sore losers. They’re active saboteurs. I don’t look forward to the screaming on Twitter today when I take a brief peek.

One other thing, I saw a Green Party rep whine that the system was basically all wrong and needs to be changed because they can never win as it is. That’s the same kind of bullshit the Hillary losers have been spouting since Trump won.

Over here in America, I guess we’re in for four more disastrous years of Trump. We usually mirror the UK in national elections. Thatcher-Reagan is the prime example.

But the Democrats here are as delusional as UK’s Labour. Unless they put up Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, they’re going to lose. The rest of their field is more Old Thinking. And no one wants that. Period.

And you lot over in the UK? Better start studying the blog of Dominic Cummings. He’s just won a mandate for his changes. And not all of them are bad. Deal with it.

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