TechTablets Gets The MiPad 2 With Windows 10

The TechTablets site has finally gotten the MiPad 2 with Windows 10.

Spoilers up front:

1) The USB-C port runs at USB 2.0 speeds:


2) There’s still no HDMI-out (the Android version lacks it too).

He paid US$250 for it. That’s a price gouge. Here’s the actual price in China converted to dollars:


Xiaomi could put a stop to this by offering the tablet via their Mi Store. There’s nothing that would prevent them from doing so. This tablet isn’t threatened by any patent issues, like their phones are.

Tablet sales continue to plummet across the board for all brands and operating systems. All of the price-gouging middlemen will have to drop their prices or eat their stock. So it’s best to wait. Buying this tablet at an outrageous price will only encourage future gouging.

In the video, he says a dual-boot Android/Windows version is coming. This is based on a middleman leak, according to his post. I haven’t checked Weibo in about two weeks, so I have nothing to add about this.

Now the video:

Previously here:

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