Video: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Doing True 4K VR

The evidence:


Second exhibit, the screen recording software:


Full sample screensnap:


The underlined F here:


Indicates the frames per second. In the video, it ranges from a high of the 40s to a low in the 20s.

Before we get to the video, further evidence:






So this is the first true 4K VR available?

It’s clear that the current version of Google Cardboard can’t support 4K VR. It defaults to using just one-fourth of a 4K screen:




And, to be clear, his phone is using Android 6.x, as he says in the Comments at this YouTube video:

cardboard problem with 4K

This problem will persist until after the May Google I/O shindig where they will likely announce new VR bits that will support higher resolutions.

Now the 4K VR videos:

Z5 premium. Virtual Reality in 4K:. Galaxy VR in 4K

Z5 premium. Virtual Reality in 4K:. Galaxy VR in 4K (2nd part)

Previously here:

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