Warning: Stolen Rental eScooters Being Resold

PD: Phoenix man caught with 74 stolen rental scooters

When police confronted 35-year-old Jeramy Scott Reid, he produced five more Lyft scooters that were in the process of being dismantled.

Police searched the property and allegedly found 22 Lyft scooters and 52 more scooters belonging to Bird Scooter Rentals.

All the scooters were dismantled with the GPS trackers removed. Reid reportedly told police that would buy new switches and circuit boards to convert them into nonpaying scooters.

Anyone who sees a “used” eScooter model of type used by rental companies for sale should demand that the “owner” show a bill of sale. No such receipt? The eScooter is likely stolen.

And given the enormous amount of wear and tear they undergo, such eScooters will fall apart very quickly. Don’t be tempted!

Jordan Peterson: Making Things Worse (Long)

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