Video: Oculus Go Reviews

For days after getting a brief demo of it, it’s been on my mind.

This should have been the headset that helps to mainstream VR. The “screen” is good and that price is just unbeatable.

However, its near-fatal flaw is that it doesn’t include a native YouTube app. YouTube has to be accessed via a built-in browser and the experience is reported as inadequate. This is an idiotic limitation. Facebook/Oculus needs this to succeed and YouTube access is key to that. There are thousands of 3D, VR, and SBS (side-by-side) 3D videos on YouTube. Someone needs to find a way to get the YouTube app on it.

It’s also unclear to me whether or not this requires a Facebook account. This is the sort of detail that tech reviewers tend to take for granted and would forget to mention. If it needs a Facebook account, it’s not for me. [May 16 update: If what I’ve read elsewhere is correct, it does not require a Facebook account.]

After the break, three videos.

Oculus Go SETUP & REVIEW – Best VR Headset? | The Tech Chap

Oculus Go VR Headset Review!

This next one is very cheeky and can be very annoying but is still worth seeing:

OCULUS GO REVIEW | Should You Buy? – Unboxing, setup, all specs, good + bad

Previously here:

Oculus Go Demo
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