Technogentrification Is The Latest Scam

VCs await regulatory clarity on Opportunity Zones, the latest tactic to draw capital to the Heartland

That’s the thesis behind Opportunity Zones, a tax incentive program laid out by Congress in last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The incentive goes to those who invest in assets that will in theory encourage job creation and new business development, like tech startups in so-called Opportunity Zones. Opportunity Zones are specific U.S. neighborhoods that have been designated as economically distressed, with high unemployment rates and large shares of low-income residents.


This is how it will play out: Techies will move to these “outer offices.” New talent will be recruited from outside America. Meanwhile, the locals will serve them via Uber, eScooter recharging, and food deliveries. “Job creation” will be all the support shit that keeps the techies happy. While the rents go up and the locals are forced away, as they have been in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and elsewhere. The same serfdom under a new label. Some “opportunity.”

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