Alt-Wheels Bulletin: NTSB Calls For ALL Cyclists Wearing Helmets

NTSB livestream today: NTSB Board Meeting : Safety Research Report – Bicyclist Safety on US Roadways: Crash Risks and Countermeasures

They reallllly hammered home the requirement for an “all-age” helmet law.

Some screensnaps of the discussion — via NTSB website live transcripting — after the break.

Click images to enlarge:

And here it is, the vote where NTSB will recommend all cyclists wear a helmet:

Now it will be up to individual states to make it their law. It was pointed out that NTSB made recommendations about distracted driving and only one state put that into their laws.

There’s going to be an uproar over this from cyclists.

Here on the non-cyclist Alt-Wheels side — where everything we use has an electric motor — the majority sentiment is already that anyone who rides without a helmet is an idiot. So if states pass laws requiring helmet use for Alt-Wheels owners, they will encounter little resistance. The only sticking point will be handling rental eScooters. The rental companies will have to deal with that on their own.

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