Kobo Aura One: Public Library Lending, No Best Buy?


I don’t now how long it’s been online, but the user guide for the Kobo Aura One is available [direct PDF link].

The public library book lending bit is not as easy as the New York Public Library’s SimplyE app.





Yeah, so an OverDrive account is required too!

Nate at The Digital Reader takes a dim view of the entire process:

When I first reported on the Aura One, I said that easy library ebook access could tempt me to switch from paper to digital library books. That might still happen, but as it stands Kobo isn’t there yet.

All in all, I found trying to read a library ebook on the Aura One to be a frustrating experience.

This is not even close to the “one-touch OverDrive library lending access” promised in the press release, nor is it more convenient than reading a library ebook on a Kindle.

In fact, I played around with the OverDrive site while working on this post, and I really think that it is easier to borrow an ebook from the site and push it to either a Kindle or a Kindle app.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

All of the print publishers must be excited that the Kobo Aura One has Friction Inside.

That’s ridiculous.

Look, Kobo owns OverDrive. If the New York Public Library can link to OverDrive without its patrons requiring a separate OverDrive account, Kobo can damn well do the same! Kobo’s own customers shouldn’t have to put up with any speedbumps.

The steps should be:

1) Select a public library
2) Enter Card Number and PIN
3) BAM! Done! Go find books!

OverDrive should be invisible to the process.

And as for the Kobo Aura One being at Best Buy on September 30th? That now seems to be in some doubt!

There’s been enough time for Best Buy to list it on their website to drum up excitement. But it’s not listed as of post time. That’s not a Good Sign.

In addition, the official Kobo Twitter sent out this:


I did not hallucinate it would be at Best Buy! Kobo’s own press release said so:


So will it or won’t it be at Best Buy? Without being able to try it in person, the odds of my even wanting it are plummeting.

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4 Responses to Kobo Aura One: Public Library Lending, No Best Buy?

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  2. Michael Eppley says:

    I was really frustrated when trying to setup Overdrive on my new Aura One, as it was requiring an account with username and password (or maybe it was email and password), instead of just the library card number and designated library system. I was pretty sure I’d never had to create such an account in Overdrive before, but was uncertain and so was worried that if I created a new one (not remembering the old password), it might mess things up on another device where I may have used an account on in the past. Finally, though, I just went ahead and created the account (and then entered library system and barcode).

    However, it has since occurred to me that requiring a separate account on the Aura One may have been for a good reason. That is, if you have your library card (number) replaced with a new one (if you lost your card or whatever), you’d still have your overall Overdrive account, which may be of some benefit depending on the functionality within the Aura One’s software.

    In Overdrive (in my library system, at least, of which I am a staff member), when you change your library card number you lose whatever holds were attached to the old number (and possibly the current checkouts… I can’t quite recall). But, a staff member can go into Overdrive Support and “Merge” your old and new card numbers, so that your current and future content is recognized & transferred to the newer card number. Perhaps the Aura One’s Overdrive functionality works in concert with this, and by having a singular account for you that’s not tied permanently to a specific card number, will avoid the loss of current checkouts and holds, and/or having to start over again with registering for Overdrive on the device.

    Just a theory (which I don’t feel like testing by changing my number, etc.), but will see what other users report as time goes on!

  3. jSocks says:

    A few notes:

    1) OverDrive is not owned by Kobo. They’re both Rakuten companies. One does not own the other. Therefore this entire section is categorically false:
    “If the New York Public Library can link to OverDrive without its patrons requiring a separate OverDrive account, Kobo can damn well do the same! Kobo’s own customers shouldn’t have to put up with any speedbumps.”
    2) the set up process you explain above is similar to setting up any new device or new account on a social media platform, device, etc. Once the process of the account set up is complete the device does let you do one click borrowing. Much like Amazon’s “one click purchase” doesn’t imply you can buy something with one click without going through the process of creating an account, inputting your address, billing information, etc. The steps in the guide are designed to be as thorough as possible so when it looks like 7 steps but several of them include “search for a book” and “tap read” it’s going to take someone under a minute to find the book and borrow it.

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