Swagtron’s Unclear Marketing Claim

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That wording I’ve underlined in red is getting them a lot of customer disappointment!

See the video after the break.

But first, the salient screensnaps:

He’s not the first person on YouTube or Twitter to express surprise and disappointment over the Swagger scooter range. And let’s be clear that it’s the basic model in the video. It has a red brake lever. The Pro model, with a larger battery, has a yellow brake lever.

My suggestion for Swagtron: Change the damn range claim! Make it clear that range depends on the rider’s weight!

I think anyone who weighs over 200lbs should be avoiding carbon fiber scooters. They need something like an E-twow/UScooters model.

Electric Scooter Review: UScooter (E-TWOW)

With its 500w motor, it seems more suitable to heavier people.

But, eh, people want a bargain and flee from that kind of pricetag. But when a carbon scooter dies from all of its efforts at carrying that weight, the more expensive scooter would probably still be going strong. You wind up paying one way or another. Go cheap up front, pay more at the back.

And now the Swagtron range test video.

Swagtron E-scooter range test!

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