Xiaomi eScooter Owner Gets A Meepo eSkateboard

Doug Hnut did the video that pushed his Xiaomi M365 eScooter to its limits: Video: 20 Kilometer Xiaomi Electric Scooter Torture Ride.

He’s also posted YouTube videos about various mods and fixes he’s done to his M365.

I figured he was an eScooter rider and that was that.

So I was very surprised to get a Notification from YouTube that he got a Meepo electric skateboard!

Doug is the first person I’ve seen on YouTube who now owns both an eScooter and an eSkateboard. But most important of all: He paid for these. They’re not payola product placements that too many YouTubers post. They get merch for free (boxes and boxes of merch!), post a single video, and you never hear of the product again. They’re basically “Hey, look at me trying this!” videos. That’s not to say they can’t be useful, but the long-term depth an actual owner invests is altogether missing. The Comments on those videos are valuable, however, because people who own the products reveal the problems they’ve encountered. So even payola can lead to some unintended good.

Doug reveals in the video that he’s never owned a skateboard before. This makes the video even more interesting for people who are also in that position.

When watching the video, you might shout “Tighten the trucks!” He does. The scary speed wobbles are shown, however. So new owners should probably tighten the trucks first to avoid those.

At one point, Doug says:

Wow, it’s damned fast.

Which is exactly the point I was making in my prior post contrasting the power of eSkateboards to eScooters. Doug now confirms it.

Doug also dissects the Meepo. I won’t spoil any of that with screensnaps. He’s very observant and points out things no one else has. Including a possible battery mod he might do.

It’s going to be exciting to see his future videos about the Meepo!

Meepo Board Review

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