ELE-GO: Another Stupid Electric Scooter Campaign


Another electric scooter company that thinks it can start from the gate trying to be Apple Cool.


The worst part is, they completely ignore their key selling point!

That key selling point is buried in the FAQ that no one will ever bother reading because this campaign is stupid:

Is it easy to maintain my ELE-GO?

Its innovative design with wireless assembled components allows for a quick diagnosis to either repair or replace the affected parts. You can contact us at customerservice@ele-go.com for your enquiries.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words, this is the revolutionary NextDrive 2.0 modular electric scooter under a different brand!

And they bury that fact!

The entire campaign should be built around that and bury the competition of cheap crap (hello, Swagtron!) under tons of dirt!

But what can be expected from a company that spells “brake” as “break” in their damn FAQ?


Here’s their moronic video:

ELE-GO ® | Lightest Foldable Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

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