May 1st Protest In Puerto Rico

@artistikem emails:

May 1st. Puerto Ricans hit the streets to protest austerity measures that will strip workers from their rights, elderly from their pensions, raise the state university’s cost per credit, and shut down schools so the buildings can be sold to “friends” for $1.

The Fiscal Board has made it clear that not even a disaster akin to a tsunami or earthquake will stop their plan to murder us with these cuts, while they suck up millions of dollars in salaries, fancy dinners, cars, and bodyguards.

They want us poor, uneducated, and too ill to even argue against them. What they don’t know is that there are still people with enough conscience to demand we be treated fairly, that won’t go down without a fight.

Violence is taking away all we (past generations and present) have fought so hard for and leaving future generations with nothing. That is what’s happening to an island that is still recovering from a category 5 hurricane.

We need the world to see what’s happening in the island so the discussion on our colonized state is rekindled. Help us spread the word.

#1rodemayo #1m #PuertoRico

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