Video: Space Command Pilot

Marc Scott Zicree might not be a household name but you’ve probably seen his work. He wrote an excellent guide to The Twilight Zone series. His story was the basis for the best damned script for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, featuring Captain Sisko as a pulp SF writer in prejudicial 1950s America.

He’s been raising crowdfunding money to shoot Space Command, an SF TV series he’s planned.

After the break is the first hour pilot. It’s very rough, nowhere near broadcast standards, but it’s intriguing and worth a watch. More views will help him snag a contract from services such as Netflix or Amazon.

Space Command Pilot with Doug Jones and Robert Picardo!

Zicree is also selling actual shares in future shoots. For more information, see his YouTube Channel. Or see the Space Command website, which also features merch.

I have no financial or other interest in this project (reminder of my blanket FTC Disclosure). I like Zicree’s work and would watch the series.

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