2020 Is Coming. Be An Ant. Not A Grasshopper.

I warned people about 2008. January 1, 2008: And Now A Word About Our Future…

Though I wasn’t paying close attention to things, I had the sense the year would result in catastrophe. It did. What frustrates me is that I was in an online chat with someone who asked me what date I thought it would happen. But I wouldn’t say. I should have. Because I would have said September 15th. Which is when it did.

Will China precipitate the crisis of 2020? Well, they won’t help. Which is short-sighted for a country that gave the world Sun Tzu. Despite his bull-headedness, does China really want to push Trump out? Maybe they do. Maybe they believe a Democrat as President would be such a hang-wringer (just about a guarantee) that they could then run roughshod over the world economy — if not the world. But that would be a mistake. The Japanese could tell them not to mistake the figurehead of America’s leadership for the will of its people. Remember Pearl Harbor. The Germans might want to have a word too about that ship called the Lusitania.

The crisis won’t be only economic, however. Something else is looming out there that I can’t put into focus. So it won’t be just one thing. It will be dominoes. Back in 2008, I called it the Collapse Of All Things. Maybe that’s what will finally happen in 2020.

However, this: Do you have an old iPhone sitting in a drawer, unused? Hang onto it. It will be worth a multiple of what you paid for it, as long as it’s modern enough to run iOS 13.

Finally, for those too culturally ignorant to understand the post’s headline, this:

The Grasshopper and the Ants | Aesop’s Fables Series | ABCmouse.com

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