Singapore Goes For Muscular eScooters

Amazing video from Singapore.

They prefer muscular eScooters over there.

In this large grouping of electric scooters, there’s not a single slim carbon fiber one to be seen!

And they put so much stuff on their eScooters too!

I can only conclude:

1) They must all live on the ground floor and can wheel those in. No way to lug those up stairs!

2) They must buy these instead of cars. Singapore is breaking ground in personal electric transport.

For people who think you must be lightweight for an eScooter, see the heavier people in the video. It’s just not true. Don’t get the idea from my preference for an eScooter to be lightweight means that’s the only kind that’s available or must be available. I’m just saying lightweight is needed for people who must bring them up stairs and have to carry them around from place to place in-between riding. A variety of eScooters should be made to accommodate all body types.

E Scooter enthusiast Singapore

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