The Video That Ruled Out The Spectra Mini For Me

Over at Electric Skateboard HQ: The one reason that I chose Walnutt Spectra.

Oh, I was sooooo interested in it too.

Then Walnutt went and spoiled my excitement with the video after the break.

First, the video before I hit the spoiler:

Testing SPECTRA Mini near our factory!

I still love the shape and size:

But I think a great big fucking fraud is being pulled in this video! You can’t see what’s really happening because of his careful posture and the camera angles:

Until 2:34:

In all of the Spectra board videos I’ve seen, non-Walnutt people haven’t been moving on it very fast.

This guy is zipping along!

The entire point of the Spectra is its unique 3D Posture control. The Mini has “2D” Posture control.

But now I’m wondering if that whole business is just a gimmick, if not a fraud.

Because look, dammit:

All that zipping along wasn’t being accomplished through any “posture control.” He was using the app!

So you pay several hundred dollars for a board — yet to make it go full speed with full speed control, you have to use a phone with an app as a remote?

This is bullshit.

Remote controls can probably be had for a buck each (if not lower) in China. Yet people have to risk an expensive phone to ride with total control?



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