Thanksgiving Weekend In Review

I saw 3 Boosted Boards. One crossing Liberty Street, Saturday afternoon. This is a guy I might have seen earlier. Then that evening, two zooming north on the west side bike path below Liberty Street. Even if I had a camera with me, it would have done no good. It was already dark out and I wasn’t looking down the path so they snuck up on me quickly.

Minutes after them, that unbranded black carbon fiber electric scooter I saw last weekend also came up the path!

Also Saturday afternoon, at 17th Street and Sixth Avenue, a guy with white hair was wheeling a black Swagtron electric scooter past me. He got into the northbound bike lane and scooted away.

Still Saturday, at the Whitehall Ferry terminal upper level, a guy was sitting against the wall with a rare white Swagtron electric scooter next to him! In the space of a week, I’ve gone from seeing no Swagtrons to seeing three. All when I no longer have even a crapcam with me. Go figure.

Sunday afternoon, a guy on an electric unicycle was headed north on the bike path near Liberty Street. I was too far away to see a brand but I don’t think it was a Solowheel. It was a bit larger.

The weekend reading was: The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping by Keigo Higashino; Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre; and Three Days and a Life also by Pierre Lemaitre.

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