Video: Lenovo Mirage Daydream VR Reviews

Another no-phone-needed VR headset, this time from Lenovo partnered with Google. Unlike the Oculus Go, this runs Daydream VR. Which means YouTube inside!

While the Oculus Go has only three degrees of freedom, the Mirage headset offers nearly-six degrees of freedom. Walking forward and looking “around” something works. Well, when Daydream apps have added it (few do).

The Mirage has a more powerful CPU (Snapdragon 835), 64GBs of internal storage as minimum, and expandable storage via microSD card. All this doubles the price over the minimum Oculus Go: US$399.

What this is looking like: Oculus Go is the Commodore-64 of VR headsets, with Lenovo Mirage being the Apple II+.

After the break, three video reviews.

This video also takes up a lot of time towards the end with a VR game review, which can be skipped:

Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset Review!

In the next review, he says it lacks a killer app. Obviously he hasn’t explored what’s available on YouTube!

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review – Standalone VR Headset with Room Scale / Worldsense

Not really a review (it hasn’t been uploaded at post time), but a good introduction:

Lenovo Mirage Solo Unboxing & 1st Face-On Test – Why $200 More Expensive Than The Oculus Go?

Despite its price — and US$399 is still cheaper than a good phone + Daydream VR headset — I think I’d rather have this over the Oculus Go. Because YouTube. YouTube, baby.

Prices will continue to drop on these if popularity ensues. And, of course, watch out for holiday sales at retailers.

Previously here:

Video: Oculus Go Reviews
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