Weekend Review: June 16-17, 2018

Sightings: 6 Boosted boards (one of which might have been the new Stealth), 2 unidentified eScooters (one in blue of a type I’ve never seen anywhere, even online!), 1 Meepo (being carried from the ferry!), and 1 Acton.

I went back to Best Buy to lightly fondle the Asus ZenFone 5Q again. This time, it was connected to WiFi. But I couldn’t get it to download anything from Google Drive for my Google Books PDF test. It kept squawking that a Google Account wasn’t found and aborting. YouTube today revealed the cameras on it are pretty bad. Just look at this video:

ASUS ZenFone 5Q Video Samples

Removed from my consideration. Next!

Still no spotting of the HP Spectre Chromebook X2 or the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Companies should STFU about products until they can appear on stores shelves within a week after the announcement.

Weekend reading was:

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. I read this when it was first published. Then again years later. And now a third re-read after being confused by the Netflix series. It gets harder to read over the years. The descriptions of murder seem even worse. I’d totally forgotten about Chapter 10, Everybody Has A Rock, which is particularly jarring. What Douglas did was so common-sensible it’s always amazing to re-discover what he pioneered.

In progress: Wealth Secrets of the One Percent: A Modern Manual to Getting Marvelously, Obscenely Rich by Sam Wilkin.

Earlier in the week: The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Michael A. Singer. It’s incredible as non-fiction, would be wholly unbelievable as fiction. This will have to get its own post later. [See post.]

Previously here:

Weekend Review posts

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