The Kind Of Software Rabbit Hole We All Suffer From

Existence is Pain: Technology’s frustrations are slowly driving us crazy

So while I’m all for the “let’s teach everybody to code!” movement, I do sometimes wish we’d stop writing yet another Learn Machine Learning With Python Tutorial, or whatever, and just make maybe take some time to work on making everything the world around us better in little incremental ways, by making what we’ve already got suck less, for ourselves and for all the newcomers and for just everyone, so we can have less stress and more peace in our lives.

What follows is an example of software intransigence and insane behavior that I’m certain every single person can relate to.

There are so many things that need to be fixed. If the physical world was as bad as the software world, we’d have all died decades ago. Imagine if every Blue Screen of Death resulted in a human death and you’ll understand.

(Ironically, the Net is experiencing problems as I type this. Drudge Report was unreachable for a time. Now Google is too!)

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