Fraser Speirs Switches From iOS To Android

He’s written so much about iOS that this revelation is rather jarring!

On Switching from iOS to Android

It turned out that, consistently, what I did with my phone was exactly this, in order of screen time:

  • Twitter
  • iMessage
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Instagram
  • Overcast (although Screen Time doesn’t count screen-off time, which would have put Overcast at #1 by a country mile.)

Everything else was typically minutes per day at most. This started to sow a seed of doubt in my mind – why do I have this £1,000 phone to do such, well, basic things?

Paradoxically, this and the Mellow Drive price drop made me wonder about the iPhone lineup and the prices for used ones. The Mellow Drive app requires iOS so maybe it’d be good to have such a phone Just In Case.

Surprisingly, a used iPhone 7 Plus can sometimes be had for a price not much higher than the BLU Vivo XI+ (128GB version at Amazon).

That’s good to know.

And this might shock everyone but it seems I never did a Google Books PDF Test on the iPhone 7 Plus! Hmph.

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