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An Honest Electric Skateboard YouTube Reviewer

Press Reset was so upset with not being able to update the Mellow Drive he was sent that he basically publicly humiliated them by packing it all up and shipping it back to Germany in a video! That took some … Continue reading

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Google Maps Adds Lime Bike/eScooter Rental Locations

Travel that last mile with Google Maps and Lime Today, we’re teaming up with Lime to help you find a better way to travel these short distances. In 13 cities around the world, you’ll now be able to see nearby … Continue reading

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Inboard Glider eScooter Promo Videos

They posted these over a month ago. I found out about them only because there was a pre-roll ad on another video! Shoddy PR work. Behind The Glider: Part 1 Behind The Glider: Part 2 The dual-kickstand is clever. I … Continue reading

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Video: Hello Life Movie

Why Do These Nobodies Live More Happily than the Middle Class? I want to see that.

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Mellow Drive’s USA Distributor Is Clearing Out Its Stock

They will no longer distribute Mellow in America and are selling their stock at cost to end that business. And damn, the full kit is now nearly the same price as the Ride Unlimited R Kit: If I had the … Continue reading

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Converting An Auctioned Bird Rental eScooter To Private Use

This is for Bird rental eScooters that have been impounded by a municipality and then put up for legal auction to the general public. Do not try to steal a Bird to convert it. You’re not that smart. You will … Continue reading

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Taiwan Government Promotes Conventional Electric Scooters

These are the sit-down kind, like a Vespa: Government to keep subsidy scheme for electric scooter purchases Interesting that NT$40,000 is around US$1,300. US$1,300 is sometimes far less than people pay for a premium eSkateboard! Previously here: Chronological List Of … Continue reading

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Listen. Really, Really LISTEN.

R.I.P. Matt Ballard – Art Of The Image – You Are Loved National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. Previously here: Don’t Commit Suicide The Lethal Breakdown An Indescribably Dark Place R.I.P. Designer Kate Spade

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