Ideawheel Z5: Intriguing New Electric Scooter

Three same-day updates after the break.

There is certainly nothing stylish about it!

But it has a very interesting and unique feature.

This view hints at it if you look carefully:

And this view from the top is the reveal:

Wow! No side-standing as on a skateboard. Your feet can be side-by-side! As far as I know, that’s unique. (No, it doesn’t count that there have been past electric scooters with wide decks. Those beasts had crude batteries and weighed about forty or more pounds!)

Another feature:

A removable battery! Want to extend travel range? Buy a second battery and just pop it in.

Folded, it looks like this:

The key specs:

Click = big

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a weight cost. It’s 13.15 kg — which is 28.9 pounds!

And I’m beginning to wonder if it exists beyond renders and a prototype.

There’s no way to buy it or not even a price is mentioned at its page. And there are zero YouTube videos. Hell, even Chinese scooter brands manage to get those posted to build interest. But they did get my attention via Twitter (as a search engine), so there’s that. But the real electric scooter action is on YouTube, where they aren’t.

So, for the time being, consider this scooter to be part of its namesake: An idea.

Same-day update:

It exists! Further digging on Twitter revealed it had (still has?) a different name: The Airwheel Z5. And there are YouTube videos.


Airwheel Z5 electric scooter teaching video

And it’s also available at Amazon for a price much lower than I ever expected: US$544, at post time.

This all requires further investigation. And more posts if there’s anything else of interest.

Second same-day update:


AIRWHEEL Z5 Electric Scooter Elektro Roller E-Scooter Mangelnde Qualität [ translates as “lack of quality”]

I’ve never seen a deck break like that except on a carbon fiber scooter that was a counterfeit.

Third same-day update:

Now I wish I hadn’t done this post at all. When a company posts a video like this, it rings all sorts of alarm bells:

To get the Airwheel Z5 mini electric scooter’s frame changed

Also, it just looks like a design mess. At that YouTube page, someone Comments:

Caution: Airwheel does not give full support as stated in the warranty!

They charge for shipping the parts and do not give assistance in repairing the product.

I used for 3 months the product, as per the instruction specifications, and it broke.

It is not a quality product. Do not buy!

Now I really wish I never did this post!

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