Amazon Kindle Edition Versus Apple Books (iBooks) Edition

I decided to see what Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art was selling for as a Kindle edition and as an Apple Books (iBooks) edition.

It was a rather eye-popping experience.

This search was done this past weekend on a 2018 iPad demo unit at an Apple Store, so things might change after this post.

The Kindle edition costs less:

But look at the horrible formatting:

And apparently that’s just not the Look Inside view (which is the same on a desktop too). It’s the actual Kindle formatting. Here’s a review pointing that out.

At Apple Books (iBooks), it’s over double the Kindle price — but still within the US$9.99 price Amazon trained people to accept for Kindle books:

And the difference in formatting is astounding:

That’s basically what the print edition looks like.

So WTF happened with the Kindle edition? And after people pointing it out, why hasn’t Amazon gotten rid of the centered text?

One other interesting thing. The Apple Books sample was longer than the Kindle Look Inside preview. That’s how I was able to post that quote from the book.

Personally, just for the formatting, I’d pay the extra money for the Apple Books (iBooks) edition. Amazon shouldn’t let that happen.

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