Bird & Lime eScooter Rentals: Behind The Scenes

An interesting Channel I came across on YouTube is RideIntoCash. He has experience working with both Bird and Lime as a contractor in different capacities.

I learned that Bird is using the Ninebot/Segway ES1 as well as the Xiaomi M365. And that there have been variants of the M365 based on Bird customizations (mainly having to do with tracking and location).

These videos are very informative. If Bird or Lime or another company brings eScooters to your area, it could be worth your time to investigate the prospects of being a contractor to make some extra money. Or not.

After the break, six videos. There are many more at his Channel.

Talking about the 4 different BIRD scooters

Lime has added the Ninebot/Segway ES2 to its rental fleet:

The new Lime-S made by Segway has arrived in San Diego

Now I’m wondering if people have been so charmed by eScooters they’ve rented that they’ve decided to buy one. That would account for the strange traffic at this blog.

Bird’s Mapping app has some flaws; eScooters aren’t where the app says they are:

Why I plan to quit working as a BIRD Mechanic

He elaborates in Comments:

they only allow contractors to be a mechanic or a charger, not both – so unfortunately people can’t do both.


The BIRD map of available scooters to charge will be saturated with birds that are not where it says it is, always look at when the last ride was and when the location was last updated.

– Anything beyond listed as today or yesterday is not worth looking for because it will likely not be at the point on the map… So just skip those older ones, don’t waste your time.

– If you have a Android phone, consider switching to a iphone, the iphone app is a better more accurate version of the app according to BIRD employee I spoke with.

Find a way to get more chargers so you can charge more scooters nightly.

– You can drop off fully charged scooters super early like 3/4am if you awake and able.

– Get a rug to have on the floor of where you charge to the scooters to preserve and protect your floors.

I understand why Bird is doing this:

BIRD Charger Agreement Update (Now limited to 20 scooters per day) + Lime limits = only $184 daily

Why? See the guy who probably ruined it for everybody: Overeager Bird eScooter Rental Recharger.

And what he reveals here about truck chargers is bizarre:

After the ‘Keylime” event in San Diego…

And man, this is probably what would happen to Bird, Lime, and other eScooter rental companies in my Hood:

Stolen credit cards to rent BIRDs in Atlanta… + Why would BIRD not payout on $20 scooter

There might not be much (obvious) money in this area, but there are some real smarts. Apparently there are schemes to win with scratch-off lottery tickets that I don’t know about. I see people just asking about a ticket’s serial number before they decide to buy it. Something’s up with that! And if they can game some encrypted math like that, scamming eScooter rentals would be real easy money. And the twist is: If eScooter rental companies avoid this area — CitiBike seems to have blacklisted the entire island without saying so — charges of racism will be leveled. These companies better increase their theft and vandalism insurance here.

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