Google’s ADHD Strikes Again: Daydream VR Is Dead

As if we didn’t, ahem, see this coming when Samsung gave up on phone-based VR first.

Google discontinues Daydream VR

Google’s Daydream, Android’s built-in virtual reality platform, is as good as dead. Following the company’s annual hardware event today, Google confirmed to VentureBeat that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL do not support the VR platform. Furthermore, Google stopped selling the Daydream View headset today. There are also no plans to support Daydream in future Android devices, Pixel or otherwise. “We are no longer certifying new devices,” a Google spokesperson confirmed. The Daydream app and store will continue to function for now.

I’ve lost count of how many projects Google began and then killed. Anyone counting on Google to push us into the future needs to correct their perspective.

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