Another ELOS Skateboard Kickstarter

ELOS is raising money for the new 2018 model of their kick skateboard. It features different trucks and wheels and is about a half-pound less in weight. They might also offer new colors.

Elos Skateboard | Compact, stable, fun urban cruiser

This is a good time for anyone who has wondered about getting a board to get one. As long as you can wait until September for delivery. But it’s a good deal for those not in a hurry (or those who do Christmas shopping early!):

US$99 is a great deal for an ELOS.

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2 Responses to Another ELOS Skateboard Kickstarter

  1. Hello, old friend…

    $99 bucks for the pleasure of busting my ass in public? I can think of more creative and inexpensive ways to embarrass myself.

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