Chuwi’s MiniBook Seen From Yet Another Vendor

As noted earlier, Chuwi’s MiniBook isn’t the originator of the design. GPD was the first to show it as the Falcon. Now Weibu has its own version, shown in the video below.

YouTube Description:

Weibu enters the mini-laptops arena with its Pocket Notebook concept. The first device they will enable will be an updated version of Topjoy Falcon with Intel Core m3-8100Y Amber Lake and fingeprint.

Weibu Pocket Notebook 8inch Windows laptop with Intel Amber Lake (Topjoy Falcon 2)

And the video reveals that Topjoy is the originator and offers the design for others to rebrand and customize.

Interesting bits: Storage option up to 512GB, optical fingertip mouse, fingerprint reader in place of conventional Power button, and pen support.

Another reminder: Microsoft’s Centaurus is coming.

Previously here:

A Very Strange Windows Device: Chuwi’s MiniBook

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