Twitter’s Ongoing Con Game

SEC Asks Twitter Why It Doesn’t Disclose Daily User Number

…daily users make up less than 50 percent of monthly users, and that there’s a lot of room for growth.

There’s only one reason why Twitter won’t disclose Daily Active Users.

Because Jack Dorsey and the rest of Twitter “leadership” would be thrown the hell out by angry shareholders who see the numbers doing nothing other than decreasing.

DAUs have been sliding for quite some time. I’d go so far as to say at one point they fell off the proverbial cliff.

Before Twitter bloated the hell out of my timeline with Likes, making it worthless, I saw a huge fall-off in the number of people who were once on Twitter. Engagement plummeted in my timeline. People who had been active daily simply went away without any announcement they were doing so.

Now that timelines are bloated with Likes, Twitter’s anti-harassment system dragoons the innocent instead of the guilty (hey, Dorsey, did you count all the Daily Active Nazis you still allow?), and there’s still no goddammed Edit button to correct a typo, the number of people leaving the service will increase.

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4 Responses to Twitter’s Ongoing Con Game

  1. laura says:

    I think the only thing to do with Twitter now is to use it like a blog and just visit the pages of people you like. Trouble is, people ARE using Twitter instead of blogs, which is what these damn threads are, so fewer people actually blog anymore, which is just a shame.

    • mikecane says:

      Far fewer people read blogs. If I didn’t want these posts for myself, there would be no point doing them. Reader numbers are 1/4th of what they were years ago. Facebook ate everything.

      • laura says:

        That’s so depressing. It doesn’t help any that WordPress doesn’t seem to notify about replies to comments anymore, either.

      • mikecane says:

        Sometimes it doesn’t even notifiy there are Comment,s period. And the stat graph is gone from the top bar. Everything is shit.

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