Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1 Detailed Examination

List (aka Doc-Hello) is a very, very experienced eScooter dealer in Russia. He’s so experienced and knowledgeable that before he sells certain brands of carbon fiber electric scooters, he replaces the bearings they shipped with because they’re inadequate.

In the video after the break, he does a detailed examination of the new Ninebot/Segway KickScooter model ES1. It’s all in Russian but still informative.

But first there will be screensnaps.

The rear side reflector is a damn sticker covering a screw:

That is such shit design. What were they even thinking?

Interestingly, if I’m understanding the Russian word for “battery” (it sounds a lot like battery!), aside from the battery in the deck, there’s one in the stem (which I used to call the “stalk” but will now conform my language to what the industry uses):

The underside of the deck confirms it’s an ES1, as the ES2 has lights down there:

I wish I knew what he was saying here …

… because those three screws in the battery casing have some significance later on.

An examination of the area that houses the controller (BMS, etc.) hardware:

There’s no huge rat’s nest of wires, like a carbon fiber electric scooter.

He spends quite a bit of time on the folding mechanism and uses a word that sounds like “problem” (which could mean there’s the possibility of one; or it’s problem-free; or I’m not hearing the word correctly):

And there are the three indents(?) that line up with the three screws shown earlier on the battery casing:

The damn battery screws again:

A closer look at the controller hardware housing:

The handlebar section:

One of the plastic parts:

A closer look at the rear side section with the reflector being a sticker hiding a screw:

What a design offense!

This probably means that List will be selling the ES1 at his store in Russia. It’ll be interesting to see what the interest in and sales of it will be.

It has sleeker design than the E-TWOW popular in Russia. It’s 25lbs versus 24 for the E-TWOW. But there’s also the option to add a second battery for additional range (perhaps that’s the cylindrical battery with the three screws, seen above).

At the very least, the Ninebot/Segway brand names will help to popularize eScooters and that could expand the market too.

Now the video:

Технический обзор разобранного Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES1

Previously here:

Ninebot/Segway Releases Conventional Electric Scooters
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4 Responses to Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1 Detailed Examination

  1. willem says:

    doc hello,
    what a good explanation you have given.
    the problem I have is no signal on the dishplay. enough voltage from the battery. if the plugs I disconnected and connected correctly. can I measure the cotroller?
    the stoting was caused by a fall with the scooter.
    I really like to see your reaction.
    cordial greetings,

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