Swagtron Brands The Failing Spectra Electric Skateboard

I just can’t wrap my head around this one.

Let’s cut to the video:

New Electric Skateboard! SWAGTRON Spectra @ Venice Beach!

How the hell in the entire history of the world and even all of time and space did a combination like that ever happen?

And yes, this is the same Spectra electric skateboard that has gotten bad reviews for its bizarro “posture control” that people say doesn’t work:

This electric skateboard is apparently so damned bad that even owners who paid for it are embarrassed they got suckered. They post a single YouTube video and that’s all. Anyone who loves a product will do several videos to show off and to make themselves look like a champion.

But not with the Spectra!

So I’m wondering if this product has tanked so badly that Swagtron was able to buy out their inventory for cheap?

It couldn’t have been for so cheap that they’re still selling it at that godawful US$800 price, however! That doesn’t make any sense.

In fact, none of this makes any damned sense at all!

The one move that would have made some sense is if Swagtron had grabbed the basic Spectra Mini, the lowest-price model. It has an MSRP of just US$399 (currently US$319 on sale and not worth any penny of it). With its all-black griptape, Swagtron could have plastered a big-ass SWAGTRON logo on it.

For those who were wondering, Swagtron is the company I didn’t name when I did this post: Do Bottom-Feeding Companies Ever Improve?

This is not the kind of change I had in mind. Combining one disaster with another!

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