The Lies And Non-Lies Of Today’s Chinese Espionage Discovery Denials

Earlier today: Massive China Espionage Revealed

Everyone’s denying. Amazon, Apple, Elemental, their mothers, their pets. And, of course, the Chinese. Including my local take-out place!

What the fuck do you really expect them to say?

This is:

1) A National security issue
2) A public trust issue

The denials are just like these:

1994 – Tobacco Company CEOs Testify Before Congress

Were those CEOs lying? Maybe yes — or maybe no.

There are idiots out there who believe in conspiracies involving vaccines, NASA, and the shape of the earth! The CEOs believed. They denied the science just like the prior kind of idiots deny the science.

The key word is believe.

Ask someone if they believe in God. If they say No, is it a lie? No. It’s a belief. A personal stance.

I’m not going to tire myself out parsing today’s denials. There’s no need to. I understand what’s at stake here for the companies. I also understand that anything that transmits data is vulnerable. This is why I despise the very idea of cloud storage. Not just for espionage but for government searches that don’t require data owners to be served with a warrant. If my stuff is in Apple’s cloud, a search warrant could be served on Apple but never on me to access my data. What kind of a deal is that?

As far as I’m concerned, we’re all now living in Spy States. I’ve always said, “If They Want You, They Will Get You.” Now we see some of the Hows of that. The only hope any one of us has is to not have any behavior(s) that leave us open to blackmail, coercion, or compromise. We are now living under the motto Death Before Dishonor, whether or not we ever wanted to.

And, these days, “dishonor” is more in the eyes of the beholder than it is in reality. Consider that.

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