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Still a year away from launch, Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi keeps adding talent

The latest marquee director to sign on the dotted line with Quibi is Catherine Hardwicke, who will be helming a story around the creation of an artificial intelligence with the working title “How They Made Her,” according to an announcement from Katzenberg onstage at the Variety Innovate summit.

Good for her.

But I’m still waiting for the wheels to turn and for Katzenberg and Whitman to encounter the genius of Melissa Hunter and sign her to revive Adult Wednesday Addams!

Unlike everything else they’re planning, that series has self-contained stories. And I think it would be the most popular thing on Quibi.

I keep wondering how many of the series Quibi will offer will wind up being the kind of crappy bait-and-switch that’s popular now: A first series being nothing but an enticement for a second series. I’m thoroughly disgusted with series that don’t have endings. The latest was Dystopia. Someone really needs to do a video series website called Does It Have An Ending? so people can know to skip things that don’t end.

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