Over 4,000km (2,400 miles) On An E-TWOW Electric Scooter Clone

Dmitry A shares his experience of putting over 800km on what looks to me like a clone of the E-TWOW electric scooter.

I think this is a clone because the LCD screen does not have “E-TWOW” in the upper right corner of the display:

By the time I saw the video, he revealed in the Comments that he’d put over 4,000km on it.

3 years scooter, 4000 + km mileage

By now – if the eScooter hasn’t broken or if he hasn’t stopped riding it — it’s probably more.

The thread at the YouTube video is 172 Comments long. And all in Russian. It takes a lot of patience to read it in Chrome with translation. And even then too much of it is unclear in translated English.

But some of it can be gotten: He had to replace the battery. He had one that was custom-built and hangs off the stalk. He replaced the solid rear tire with a pneumatic one to reduce vibration. Also, apparently the sidewalks in Moscow are unfriendly to riding an electric scooter. But he doesn’t live there. Some people carp that for the price — it’s expensive in Russia due to exchange rates — they can get a car. That entirely misses the point.

In the video he points out things not mentioned in the YouTube thread. Which makes watching it a bit frustrating since it’s all Russian-language. Apparently he’s pointing out maintenance points. And he also scraped the hell out of the underbelly:

Электро самокат E-twow через 1 год и 800км использования [Electro scooter E-twow in 1 year and 800 km of use]

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