Uh-Oh. That Electric ELOS In America? It Could Be A CLONE!

Something nagged at me well over an hour after I did this post: First Electric ELOS Spotted In America.

Well, two things actually.

First, that US$200 price. That’s just not possible with an ELOS. As I’ve said, the kick skateboard itself costs close to US$200 alone. The parts are over US$100.

Second, this:

I warned ELOS. I said they would miss their opportunity. Now it seems they have!

Because …

… look:

I now firmly believe that’s a cheap Chinese clone of an ELOS!

1) The handle shape is wrong. That’s just not how the ELOS looks. Their handles have a symmetrical shape. These are asymmetric.

2) Front and back of the board are missing the raised foot guides. [Correction: Only the rear of the ELOS deck has raised foot guides.]

3) That $US200 price is exactly what a cheap Chinese clone would cost.

Some will point out the missing ELOS logo. That could be explained away simply by using custom griptape on the deck. But I don’t think there’s any ELOS logo underneath that. Because it’s a clone!

Additional evidence:

The wheel faces. When Johnny in Taiwan does a conversion, he leaves the front truck and wheels intact unless someone wants the wheels with embedded lights not by ELOS. These wheels have never been seen in any of the Johnny videos I’ve watched (and I think I’ve watched every video with ELOS in them). That the front wheels and remaining rear free wheel have the same face shows this isn’t an ELOS to begin with.


Look at that bottom. The color is on the bottom too. No one would extend the color to the bottom with just mere grip tape.

And another clue:

FabTRAV points out the use of risers. Johnny doesn’t add risers. This is not a Johnny conversion to begin with. Because this is not an ELOS to begin with. I say it’s a clone.

What kind of ELOS clone would sell for just US$200? The kind I’ve warned everyone to avoid.

That said, I can’t help but to be curious as hell about it.

FabTRAV called it the “egg board.” Was that an ad-lib jest or is that its actual name?

If a guy has it in America, it’s probably on sale somewhere in China already.

ELOS has trouble.

Here’s the FabTRAV video again. The ELOS clone begins somewhere around six minutes in.

Help me to build an Electric Skateboard

Same-day update: Clone confirmed from those who know.

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