More DIY Electric Skateboard Reference

I came across the videos of Mike Beard, who built his own board. Impressively, it has a higher top speed and longer range than the Boosted Board for less cost.

Like Oren’s build, he used a plastic food container — Tupperware — to house the electronics.

Unlike Oren, Mike’s board is not a hub motor. It uses a belt drive.

So this is of great interest to me now that Johnny in Taiwan has done a belt drive ELOS conversion. The latest from Johnny is that the 7s1p battery pack he’s using has some sort of problem compared to using it with a hub drive.

I’ve asked if it’s voltage sag or fast drain. Awaiting a reply at YouTube. If he needs a larger battery, it’ll be interesting to see how he arranges that since his current enclosure houses both the battery and ESC in a rather snug fit! This is why I like Oren’s sandwich containers. There’s some storage flexibility with that scheme. I also like that both Mike and Oren used LiPo packs instead of an 18650 pack (what Johnny uses). Battery swap ease.

All of this is still raw research and learning. According to a recent video from Jermaine Ellis, NYC electric skateboard riders are already reporting 30% less battery power due to the cold. And the cold hasn’t even really begun yet! Even if I knew everything I needed to do to make an electric belt drive ELOS, it’d just sit around until the weather gets warm. And I’d sit there staring at it in frustration for months.

Now the Mike Beard videos:

DIY Electric Skateboard Build – Better Than A Boosted Board

DIY Electric Skateboard Build – Better Than A Boosted Board | PART 2 BUILD TUTORIAL & PARTS

DIY Electric Skateboard Build – Better Than A Boosted Board | Choosing Parts

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