Car Drivers: Use The Dutch Reach!

The Dutch Reach: A No-Tech Way to Save Bicyclists’ Lives

If Michael Charney has his way, more Americans would adopt a simple method to prevent “doorings,” a type of collision when a driver or passenger in a parked car opens a door into the path of a cyclist.

He calls the maneuver the “Dutch Reach,” and it works like this: When you are about to exit the car, you reach across your body for the door handle with your far or opposite hand. This action forces you to turn toward the side view mirror, out and then back over your shoulder to be sure a bicyclist is not coming from behind. Only then do you slowly open the door.

“Dodging open car doors is a daily risk” for urban cyclists, said Dr. Charney, a retired physician and dedicated cyclist.

It’s worth repeating a video I posted earlier.

Electric scooter Fail

He wasn’t speeding on his eScooter. Yet look at how quickly that collision happened. There’s often zero warning. He’s lucky he didn’t get the same kind of injuries a biker did in the article.

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